Monday, March 2, 2009

My Profile


* Age: 27
* Gender: Female
* Astrological Sign: Aquarius
* Zodiac Year: Dog
* Industry: Education
* Occupation: teacher
* Location: Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

About Me

I am working as a private teacher for elementary students. Even so, I am a Food Science graduate. So you might wonder why I become a teacher instead a food technologist. Well, I was going to be a food techs, but it has been my desire to teach since I was small. So that's why I am not leaving my food aspiration. I am dedicating my life to teaching and digging for healthy food.


* Reading
* music
* science-fiction
* cooking
* eating hoho

Favorite Movies

* Forces of Nature
* Transformer
* Harry Potter sequels
* The Lord of The Ring trilogy
* Pocoyo
* The Matrix
* The Transporter I-II-III
* Walt Disney's
* Pixar's

Favorite Music

* All that suits my ears

Favorite Books

* The Bartolomeus Trilogy
* The Alchemist Trilogy
* Harry Potter
* Eragon
* The Sisters Grimm
* Out Cast
* Children of The Lamp
* ...


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